Kamis, 04 Desember 2008

Lasem old times

Does everybody know where Lasem is? Here is an article from "Conquest of Java" by Major William Thorn, originally published in 1815 by T Egerton, Military Library, Whitehall, London.

Lassam, a considerable trading village, situated at the eastern angle of the bay, on which Rembang and Joanna (nowadays Juana) are seated, and opposite to all of which, vessels anchors in three or four month fathoms among the shoals.

Lasem is residence of DE Patti, and has the advantage of a fine navigable river (Babagan River-red) which run through the town. Near Sarang, which is eighteen miles from Lasem, are swampy and waste -land; but in advancing to Toubang (Tuban-red).

So Lasem is welknown long time ago, even when the Majapahit Kingdom.
There are lots of thing to see in Lasem; Klenteng is a place for Konghuchu to pray. What a nice place

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